IT Audit of the Information System


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Our audit services are based on the regulatory framework of the country's business sector, on existing best practice frameworks (e.g. the CobiT framework), on available benchmarks and on the professional experience of our team of auditors involved. We offer two main ways of auditing. The first one involves global entity audits during which all activities related to your information systems are evaluated. The second category corresponds to thematic audits, with the objective of reviewing an IT theme within your company (project management, logical security for example). Our IT audit service is not to be confused with the consulting activity which aims, in general, to improve the functioning and performance of an organization with a possible involvement in the implementation of this improvement.

Some tools and technologies in use


Arbutus Analyzer

Analyzer is the flagship analytics product offered by Arbutus that support desktop based data access and analytics of challenging and disparate data sources.



ACL stands for Audit Command Language, and ACL Robotics helps auditors perform analysis and audit tests on 100% of the available data rather than merely sampling the data.



E2A is a common sense financial data analysis program. The audit records of almost any package can be read and analyzed..



InfoZoom software is a data analysis, business intelligence and data visualization software created using in-memory analysis.

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