VOIP System deployment


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Here's how we do it: First, we will determine how many employees or users you expect to have in this configuration. Having a clear idea of the number of users at the beginning of the process makes it easier to make decisions as you go along. This will help us determine how many lines we need, whether or not your Internet connection can support the expected call volume, and what features are most important. Once we know how many users will be using it, we will test your office Internet connection to see if it can support VoIP for that type of user volume. After helping you choose your VoIP telephony provider, we will assist you in ordering your hardware. Most VoIP services can be used without special VoIP phones. For example, you can often purchase an adapter to which you can connect your analog phones if you want to continue using them. Or, in many cases, you can use your computer, tablet or cell phone. The final step is to configure your VoIP system. We will take care of configuring your entire system to your expectations and you will be ready to enter the world of your new unlimited communication system.

Some tools and technologies in use



Asterisk is a free and open source framework for building communications applications and is sponsored by Sangoma. Our teams are specialized in the implementation of your network infrastructures including the VOIP.



Yealink Network Technology Corporation Limited is a China-based company principally engaged in the research, development, sales and related services of enterprise communication terminal equipments.



Linphone is an open source VoIP system specializing in instant messaging and conducting voice/video VoIP calls helping businesses to communicate seamlessly with people at a low cost.



Ekiga was formerly known as GnomeMeeting. It is an open-source VoIP, video conferencing, and instant messaging application supporting HD sound & video quality.

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