Prototyping & Motion Design


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With this deliverable you have a visual presentation of your project that will be easily understandable and testable by a third party (investors, customers, management, team, users...). This essential step attached to the user experience allows you to design interfaces that fully meet the needs of each user, with the best possible experience, with a solid content architecture and integrated marketing issues. We like dynamic interfaces, we add motion in web or mobile interfaces, but we can also create motion design videos to help understand a concept or process of your project. From sketches of the major functionalities of your project, our UX team will create the wireframes of the project's interfaces.

Some tools and technologies in use



Photoshop is a software of retouching, treatment and drawing assisted by computer. Published by Adobe, it is mainly used for the treatment of digital photographs, but is also used for creation.



Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics creation software. It is part of the Adobe range, can be used independently or in addition to Photoshop, and offers powerful vector drawing tools.


Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a vector-based user experience design tool for web and mobile applications developed and published by Adobe Inc. t is available for macOS and Windows, although there are versions for iOS and Android.



Blender is a free software for modeling, computer animation and 3D rendering. It is currently developed by the Blender Foundation. Since 2019 Blender software is increasingly recognized by companies in the 3D animation sector.

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